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nemo Guide   •   7 minutes read

The Best Experiences To Maximise Your Leftover Leave

Here are five of our top unique experiences to maximise your leftover annual leave and end the year on a high.

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Group Trips •   10 minutes read
Group Trip? Look No Further Than Kenya

Safaris, world-class beaches and incredible cultural experiences, Kenya is the ultimate destination to satisfy everyone on the group trip of a lifetime.

nemo Guide •   7 minutes read
The Best Experiences To Maximise Your Leftover Leave

Here are five of our top unique experiences to maximise your leftover annual leave and end the year on a high.

nemo Guide •   7 minutes read
The Ultimate Winter Adventure – Ski Mountaineering

Five days of adventurous skiing in the Dolomites and a stay at one of Italy's finest ski lodges, AKA the perfect winter escape.

nemo Guide •   7 minutes read
Sri Lankan Adventures for Every Type of Traveller

Four of our favourite Sri Lanka trips designed to suit four different types of travellers, which one are you and where will you choose?

Sri Lanka  • 7 minutes read

Sustainable Stories, inside Dilmah Tea’s Hotel Collection

Sustainable Stories Chapter 1 – One incredible Sri Lankan Tea company paving the way for sustainable stays.

nemo Guide •   5 minutes read
Sri Lanka FAQs

Everything you need to know about travelling to Sri Lanka, from PCRs to Visas and restaurant recommendations.

Kenya •   5 minutes read
In Conversation with Angama Mara

Discover the incredible stories and history behind Angama Mara, one of the Maasai Mara's top luxury safari lodges.

Morocco •   5 minutes read
Morocco FAQs

Everything you need to know about travelling to Morocco, from PCRs to Visas and restaurant recommendations.

nemo Guide •   5 minutes read
Travel to Mallorca with Sarah Malcolm

Yoga instructor and podcast host Sarah Malcolm returns from an epic trip to Mallorca with her top tips for the perfect wellness escape.

nemo Guide  • 5 minutes read

The World’s Best Destinations for Stargazing

Stargazing on your bucket list? From Oman to Kenya, here are some of the world’s best places for stargazing.

nemo Guide •   5 minutes read
Where to Spot the Northern Lights in the UK – Glenapp Castle

Always wanted to see the Northern Lights? Here's where you can spot the incredible phenomenon right here in the UK.

Maldives •   10 minutes read
The Maldives – Finding The Perfect Retreat

If choice paralysis was a destination, it would be the Maldives. Read how we filter the noise to create the perfect trip just for you.

Morocco •   10 minutes read
Activities in Morocco

We've rounded up our favourite activities to create an exceptional trip to Morocco. From quad biking to yoga, there's something for everyone!

nemo News •   5 minutes read
Free month of guided yoga with Annie Clarke 🧘‍♀️

We've teamed up with our friend Annie Clarke to offer anyone who books a trip of 6 nights or more a free first month on her fantastic yoga platform The...

Sustainability  • 10 minutes read

Our Favourite Remote Wildlife Lodges

Our top 5 wilderness lodges to reconnect with the incredible wildlife and communities of our favourite newly-green destinations.

Coronavirus •   5 minutes read
Our COVID Promise(s)

Travel is officially back and here's what we're doing to help our community travel the world with confidence, every step of the way!

Morocco •   10 minutes read
Team Travel Tips and Memoires – Morocco

Our team's top tips for an exceptional experience in Morocco, our favourite cities, top rooftop bars, most adventurous hiking trails and more!

Greece •   10 minutes read
Feasting in the Deep Mani with Tara Cookery

Nemo ambassador Tara Cookery's top taverna tips in the Deep Mani, from white wine winners to which dishes you should order when you visit!

Coronavirus •   10 minutes read
Latest Travel Update … The Lowdown.

As of October 4th, the travel regulations are simplifying, but what does this mean and how will it affect you? We break it down.

Greece  • 10 minutes read

Nemo’s Best of Athens, Hydra & the Deep Mani

nemo Guide •   10 minutes read
Where is sunny in October? Our top destinations for October sun

Check out our guide for the best destinations for October sun. Crowd-free experiences and guaranteed sunshine, October is the month for authentic travel.

nemo Guide •   10 minutes read
October sun in Italy … Puglia is the place to be!

You can now visit Italy quarantine-free and we think Puglia should be on every sun seekers’ radar. The crowds dwindle and the weather stays warm late into October, it's the...

Top 3 •   10 minutes read
Nemo’s Best of the U.K.

Spain •   10 minutes read
Nemo’s Best of Mallorca

Digital  • 5 minutes read

Your Post-Pandemic Travel Questions Answered

We’ve teamed up with SUITCASE to celebrate the return of travel and answer all your post-pandemic travel questions.

Greece •   10 minutes read
Nemo’s Best of the Cyclades

nemo travellers •   5 minutes read
Introducing nemo x Sevin Travels

nemo x Sevin Travels: a new way to explore with like-minded travellers and your guide, historian and experienced traveller, Sevin.

nemo travellers •   5 minutes read
Letter from a nemo traveller

A letter from Josh and Georgia, their adventures in the Cyclades and how we took away all the anxieties around travelling today.

Coronavirus •   5 minutes read
Mallorca, still as beautiful as ever

Tom's just returned from Mallorca and reports back what it's like to travel to to an amber (now green) country, plus the top tapas spots in town.

nemo Guide  • 5 minutes read

Ocean Bottle’s Top 5 Sustainable Hotels

From tropical jungle lodges and a surfers paradise to medieval Italian farmsteads, our friends at Ocean Bottle select their top 5 sustainable hotels.

Interview •   5 minutes read
Catching up with Prints Harry

We sit down to chat all things design and dream destinations with Prints Harry, the wonderful illustrator behind our hero image.

Interview •   15 minutes read
Nemo Favourites: São Lourenço do Barrocal

Discover this authentically-Alentejan hotel through the eyes of someone who calls it home, Susanna Lourenço. We're all about that insider knowledge.

Coronavirus •   15 minutes read
Red, Amber, Green… what does it mean?

Sarah cuts through the jumble of traffic-light travel news and give the lowdown on what ‘green’ and ‘amber’ really mean.

Interview •   10 minutes read
Travel dreams and memories with Holly Rubenstein

Get to know Holly Rubenstein - journalist, podcaster, editor, and travel expert - through her travel dreams and memories.

Coronavirus  • 10 minutes read

Our experts review: self-catered hotels.

With a few weeks to go before hotels can fully reopen, we sent two of our travel experts to check out some new self-catered hotels here in the UK. Sarah popped down the road to The Bird, Bath and James was off to Sidmouth Harbour Hotel, Devon, two fantastic weekend getaway destinations. Here’s what they had to say…

nemo News •   3 minutes read
How we create your perfect trip, every time.

A quick overview of the steps nemo take in order to ensure that we design the best trips possible for each one of our nemo travellers.

Europe •   5 minute read
nemo’s Top (European) Honeymoon Destinations

With long haul travel on pause, we have explored the best honeymoon spots across Europe, so that you don't have to put the romance on pause.

nemo Guide •   5 minutes read
The UK’s Best Hotels for a Summer Road Trip

It's time to plan your summer road trip across the UK and we have put together some of the best places to take advantage of some epic UK spots!

nemo travellers •   5 minutes read
An Incredible Week in the Lake District, with Rosie Margesson

We love nothing more than hearing the stories of nemo travellers returning from their trip. We finally managed to arrange Rosie and Josh's well deserved Lake District break. A week...

Top 5  • 10 minutes read

Nemo’s Top 5 Luxurious and Ethical Hotels in the UK

Here’s nemo’s pick of the best hotels in the UK to make your next staycation both luxurious and ethically conscious.

Charities •   5 minutes read
We declare a climate emergency.

Along with our friends in the travel industry, we're declaring a climate emergency. Here's why and what we're going to do about it.

Business •   5 minutes read
Our new website, designed for 2021 and beyond

In this blog, Tom writes about our big learnings from the pandemic so far and how it directly led to the creation of our new website... welcome to our world....

Business •   5 minutes read
How nemo aims to transform the industry by Maddy Meacher

We sat down with Maddy Meacher to discuss life at nemo for her Growth Journals blog.

Coronavirus •   5 minutes read
Nomad Tanzania x nemo Special Offer

Introducing an exclusive special offer we have secured with Nomad Tanzania.

UK  • 10 minutes read

Top 10 Rural Hotels 3 Hours From London

Here it is, the list we all need right now. Book yourself a weekend treat, hop in the car, and enjoy a change of scene this winter.

Morocco •   10 minutes read
72 Hours in Marrakech with 72 Riad Living

Our friends over at Riad 72 tell us how they would spend 72 hours in Marrakech, and we think you should follow suit.

Coronavirus •   5 minutes read
Nemo’s Covid Promise(s)

A summary of why we are in high spirits and what we're doing to help our community travel the world with confidence.

nemo travellers •   3 minutes read
nemo hacks: get more time off this easter

It’s so good to see nemo travellers return with a massive smile on their face. This week,  Becky and Nat tell you all about their epic trip to Greece and how...

nemo travellers •   10 minutes read
Escaping the headlines in the Peloponnese, with Becky Kruger

It’s so good to see nemo travellers return with a massive smile on their face. This week,  Becky and Nat tell you all about their epic trip to Greece and how...

Food  • 5 minutes read

Discovering Hydra, Greece through someone who calls it home

We caught up with Four Seasons Hydra’s General Manager, Grigoris Rampias. After 5 minutes, we were daydreaming about being on a Greek beach and having a local beer.

nemo club •   5 minutes read
Welcome to the nemo club

Welcome to the nemo club. This is a place where we introduce special offers, showcase our favourite hotels, and provide advice for how to navigate the choppy waters of holiday...

Charities •   10 minutes read
Rewilding the Scottish Highlands with Trees For Life

We sat down with Catherine at Trees for Life to learn more about the rewilding movement, and how nemo travellers are helping!

Portugal •   10 minutes read
An Insider’s Guide to Lisbon by Lucy Pierce

With the news of Portugal getting the green light for travel from the UK, we asked Lucy Pierce, friend and freelancer, to give us her best insider tips for one...

Business •   5 minutes read
Traveller or Tourist? Photographer, Aleyah Solomon unpacks.

Aleyah Solomon, Photographer and Founder of Here & There Magazine, takes you through her thoughts on travel and how she considers herself a traveller rather than a tourist.

Business  • 5 minutes read

European travel is back, and it is fantastic

Tom went out to Lisbon to relight the travel fire and experience the new way to travel and guess what, it was amazing! 

Business •   5 minutes read
A domestic resurgence?

It's a bit of a minefield currently trying to decipher what would-be travellers are thinking, so we asked Lucy, an avid traveller, her opinion on future travel.

Business •   5 minutes read
The Evolution of Travel Planning

In light of the coronavirus putting a pause to travel, Tom discusses how travel planning is a continusouly evolving space.

Business •   10 minutes read
Digital Party Planning: An interview with the founders of HOPP

We sat down with the founders of HOPP - a platform created for you plan the worlds best party.

Coronavirus •   8 minutes read
Checking in with our partners from around the world in the height of the coronavirus outbreak

We touch base with all of our partners around the world in the height of the coronavirus update.

Interview  • 5 minutes read

The world through the eyes of a photographer, a chat with Deniz Yılmaz Akman

We sat down with Deniz Yilmaz Akman for a fascinating chat on photography, travel and passion.

Charities •   10 minutes read
Community-led development: a chat with our charity partners Hello World and Katrin McMillan

Introducing Hello World, our incredible charity partners, spearheaded by the inspiring Katrin McMillan.

Interview •   7 minutes read
Designer, Hotelier, Resident: An Interview with George Cooper at Kahanda Kanda, Sri Lanka

George talks to Nemo about his love for Sri Lanka, the inspiration behind his designs, and what he's generally been up to at his wonderful hotels.

Interview •   5 minute read
Empowerment: A chat with Cecilia Rono, Saruni Lodges

We sat down with the inspiring Cecilia Rono, a friend of Tom's and a legend in the East African safari world.

Interview •   5 minute read
Travel & Design: Our match made in heaven

Coming up with the concept of Nemo Travel was one thing, but putting it into practice was an entirely different challenge.

Must-do  • 5 minute read

Nemo’s Top Honeymoon Destinations

A piece of luxury, adventure and relaxation before heading into married life.

Climate Change •   5 minute read
Bhutan – The Land Of Gross Domestic Happiness

A country that measures its success by ‘Gross Domestic Happiness’ has got to be somewhere worth visiting.