The World’s Best Destinations for Stargazing

Stargazing Morocco

We Roundup Our Favourite Big Sky Spots

The idea of a clear night sky is pretty far-fetched for any fellow city-dwellers. The closest we’ll get to spotting the twinkling night lights are the faint glimmers of street lamps stretching across the skyline. But there’s nothing quite like the feeling of gazing up at a vast night sky dotted with stars, planets and galaxies. Got stargazing on your bucket list? Read on as we reveal some of our favourite stargazing spots that even the most amateur of astronomer can revel at.

1.)  Desert Nights Camp, Wahiba Sands – Oman

This off the beaten track Arabian desert camp is perfect for anyone wanting a remote stay without compromising on luxe home comforts. Undulating dunes and craggy mountains frame the vast blanket of stars above and the camp’s total isolation makes for prime stargazing opportunities. There’s no light pollution here! The sun sets and the Milky Way stretches above, with Cassiopeia to the east and Sagittarius to the west. You’ll dine under the stars as musicians play traditional tunes … it’s all seriously evocative of an Arabian bygone era.


2. Terre des Etoiles, Agafay Desert – Morocco 

This otherworldly stay is inspired by traditional Berber homes and each tent blends with the landscape seamlessly, whilst retaining that all-important desert camp luxe. It might be just an hour from Marrakech, but it feels like a different land entirely. Then there’s the stargazing, it’s truly next-level. Elevated by the tales of galactic myth and legend from the expert local astronomers. You’ll be completely wrapped in their stargazing stories, accompanied by steaming mugs of mint tea and the promise of sweet Moroccan treats on your return.

3.) Sossusvlei Desert Lodge, Namib Desert – Namibia

Bordering Africa’s only Dark Sky Reserve, Sossusvlei offers phenomenal stargazing opportunities. The Lodge itself is all all about sustainability and uncompromised luxury, a real guilt-free treat of an escape. The surrounding landscape hasn’t changed in the last millennia and the skyline is edged with otherworldly escarpments and those famous Namibian dunes. Don’t fancy heading out into the cool desert night to gaze skyward? Stargaze from beneath the sheets as above each bed is a skylight for the most laid-back of stargazing experiences.

4.) Saruni Samburu, Kalama Community Conservancy – Kenya

Tucked away in a quiet community-led conservancy, this is a show stopping property. Its elevated position on the top of ‘hot rock’ gives way to spectacular views overlooking this famous wildlife area and across to Mount Kenya on the southern horizon. See if you can spot the Big 5 on the ground by day, and the lesser known African Big 5 in the night sky once the sun sets. The Kalama Conservancy has some of the best stargazing conditions in Kenya, with next to no light pollution, a high altitude and over 300 dry clear nights each year. No matter when you visit, you’re guaranteed incredible stargazing opportunities every night!

5.) Alila Jabal Akhdar, Al Hajar Mountains  – Oman

This spectacular Alila property has arguably the best views in Oman and has an air of sophisticated, worldly charm. Set on a rugged ravine the great rocks beyond lift the eyes skyward where, come nightfall, incredible starry vistas appear. You’ll be taught all about the galaxies above, how to spot the famous constellations and even how to photograph the dark skies, capturing stellar memories to bring home.

6.) Sun City Camp, Wadi Rum – Jordan

Welcome to life on Mars! The Sun City Camp of Wadi Rum gives guests the unique experience to stay in this lunar-like landscape in luxury. The bubble tents are our room of choice, offering the utmost comfort and incredible views of the desert and starry skies at night. Stargazing in this barren wilderness makes for a surreal experience, but brave the adventure and you’re rewarded with a vivid view of our galactic home, the Milky Way.

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