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In 2019, our journey began: to create the bespoke travel company of the future. We've weathered countless pivots while riding the waves of lockdown, yet our unwavering vision remains: fusing human-led travel expertise with cutting-edge tech. From our visionary designers in Cape Town to a dedicated concierge team in Lisbon, and our globe-trotting Travel Experts joining forces at our London HQ, the boundaries of geography and ambition cease to exist. This is just the start.
As you might expect, the one must-have to be a part of the nemo team is a love for travel… not too taxing, we know. Read on to see why there’s so much more to the incredible team that forms the foundation of our travel and innovation hub...

Meet James

Co-founder + Travel Expert

There's nothing better than the adrenaline you get from doing something new. For me, this started early on with adventurous family holidays to Asia and now, it comes in all shapes and sizes. From exploring new corners of the world to climbing or snowboarding with mates - it's why we travel and why I look forward to sending you lucky people away on an adventure of your own!

“My passion: India! For me there's nowhere else quite like it.”

Meet Tom


With 6 years in bespoke travel, working as both a travel planner and then as a manager at one of Kenya's top lodges, I have a major soft spot for Africa and I'm forever dreaming of my next safari trip. Closer to home, I love open water swimming and always looking for new locations around the UK - any ideas, let me know!

“Favourite hotel: Saruni Samburu. The views are out of this world and you can see some truly unique species not often seen on safari.”

Meet Sarah

Junior Marketing Manager

What do I love about travel? Finding the secret, lesser-explored gems. There's nothing quite like finding a secluded beach break or a quiet corner of a city, for a little treasured moment of tranquillity. A combined love of slow travel, food and adventure is what drives my bucket-list dreams. Next up? Vietnam.

“City or ocean? Ocean every time; I'm happiest when on a surfboard.”

Meet Sophie

Head of Delivery

What's better than making your passion your job? I love to help plan and organise people's dream trips, once in a life time experiences, that then re-spark my own want to continue seeing more of the world. Next on the list... Sri Lanka!

“Best time spent: Backpacking Asia, an experience I will never forget!”

Meet Venetia

Travel Expert

My love for travel was kickstarted in 2009 when I spent a year living with a local family in Colombia to learn Spanish. Since then I've adventured across the world but always give in to South America's incredible allure. I can't wait to head off soon on my next adventure to explore Lombok in Indonesia!

“My biggest adventure to date? Living and working for a month in the Colombian Amazon for an indigenous ecotourism project.”

Meet Laura

Travel Expert

There's no greater joy than waving someone off, knowing they're about to have an adventure or experience they won't be able to fully put into words! I've loved doing this with a myriad of wonderful people over the last few years. After a few flirtations with living in Africa myself, I am back on UK soil but am always plotting where I can go next - Zambia calls and has been for a while!

“Happiest when: Heading out at dawn in Africa - following up on the sounds from the night before and seeing the plains game softening with the relief of another light filled day!”

Meet Beatriz


After studying and working in hospitality, I’ve been lucky enough to carve out a career doing what I love most - talking and travelling! I love organising a trip and, once I’m there, I make it my mission to discover all the hidden gems and listen to the stories behind each place I visit. I’m so happy to share my knowledge with our travellers and help them plan their dream trips!

“A place you’ll always return to: Italy - The food, the people, the culture… After having lived in Rome, it’s a country that will always have a special place in my heart!”

Meet Eliza

Inspiration Guru

The best thing about travel? Exploring new destinations, there’s something refreshing about waking up in a new place and discovering all that it has to offer. After a few years of working in the travel industry in New Zealand, I’m excited to get stuck in and help inspire fellow nemo travellers on their next adventure. Aside from travel, I love finding new restaurants and bars, especially in London…and occasionally dabble in long-distance running.

“Most interesting cultural practice you’ve seen – Maori’s traditional cultural performance in Rotorua.”

Meet Caitlin

Travel Expert

After studying Spanish at uni, I left for Latin America and the continent has pulled me back every year since. It really does have everything; amazing people, music, scenery, food, and sunshine!

“Most underrated destination? Brazil. Last year I spent 6 months backpacking solo around Brazil and completely fell in love with”

Meet Christabelle

Travel Expert

Being brought up in Zimbabwe has instilled an absolute love and passion for all things wild! I spend as much time as I possibly can exploring new places, mostly in nature and preferably with wildlife! There is always something new to learn or see in the bush and I get so much joy in sharing these experiences with others, knowing just how much they are going to love it!

“Most exhilarating safari experience: Watching the sunset, on an anthill, only to find a pack of Wild Dog asleep on the other side! They took no notice of us as they prepared to hunt. We were so close, it felt as though we were part of the pack!”

Meet Sofia

Travel Expert

As the daughter of two wonderful safari guides, I was super lucky to grow up exploring the East African bush by Land Cruiser and on horseback. This childhood inspired a real love of wildlife in me (with a serious bias for elephants and bat-eared foxes), and I so enjoy sharing my knowledge of the beautiful lodges and camps on offer. There's nothing quite like sending someone off on a safari that you just know they'll love!

“Favourite safari experience: Oooph it's a tough one. While I'm inclined to go with every moment on riding safaris, I'd say it was watching an elephant cow give birth in the beautiful Lolldaiga Hills in Laikipia, truly the most humbling experience!”

Meet Andy

Travel Expert

In September 2010 I travelled to India for 3 months of backpacking from North to South. From the Himalayas, to the deserts of Rajasthan all the way down to the backwaters of Kerala. It was an unforgettable experience, and triggered my passion for this continent sized country. Culture, food, history, wildlife, there's not much that India doesn't have to offer its visitors. And if India all potentially feels a little too much, then why not consider their always friendly neighbours, Sri Lanka! An equally rewarding experience on a much smaller scale.

“India is a country that exists in several different centuries all at once.”

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