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Meet the team bringing you awesome experiences from around the world

Nemo was built on a love for the unknown, a mission to have a positive impact on the environment, a desire to change travel planning, and a passion for all things tech. We’re putting together a team that understands our ethos and our desire to do things differently. Our mission is to reinvent the term ‘travel agent’, a big task, but one that we are determined to succeed in.

How can we modernise bespoke travel planning?

That was the big question. As seasoned ‘travel agents’, we were tired of the rushed phone calls, chaser emails and lack of transparency. It all seemed incredibly old school and not what we were used to experiencing in other industries. On the other side, we were all too aware of the pain points travellers experience with online booking platforms and price comparison websites.

So, we set out to create a digital travel agency where human expertise works alongside technology. By giving our travellers the tools to design their own trips, based on our recommendations, they are given a real sense of ownership over their itinerary. After finding the perfect web developers to turn our dream into a reality, we were on our way.

And so, nemo was born. The next chapter is about you, our travellers, as we use feedback to roll out new features and continuously adapt to the ever-changing world of travel. This is just the start.

Meet Tom

Co-founder + Travel Expert

With 6 years in bespoke travel, working as both a travel planner and then as a manager at one of Kenya's top lodges, I have a major soft spot for Africa and I'm forever dreaming of my next safari trip. Closer to home, I love open water swimming and always looking for new locations around the UK - any ideas, let me know!

“My goal: Change perceptions on bespoke travel and work sustainably.”

Meet James

Co-founder + Travel Expert

Having worked in travel for years now, I find there's nothing better than that special feeling you get when you touch down somewhere new and exciting. This started early on with adventurous family holidays and later, several 6-month stints abroad. Now, the exploring continues and I get to send you lucky people away on an adventure of your own!

“My passion: India! For me there's nowhere else in the world quite like it.”

Join the Nemo team

What we are looking for in a Nemo expert

A love of travel, adventure and doing things differently.
An intense passion for protecting the environment and marginalised communities.
Ability to understand our clients and tailor our trips to their specific needs.

We’re building a diverse and professional team. No one size fits all roles here. We all chip in and help every aspect of the business for the benefit of our clients and partners across the globe.


Our planet and the people who inhabit it mean everything to us.

View our ethical practices and learn more about what we are doing to protect what we love.

Let’s talk

Bonjour, Mholweni, Hola, Hello. We’re world travellers with a passion to bring you unique holidays on the fly. Connect with us below:

+44 7821133273 info@nemo-travel.com
Market Peckham, 133a Rye Ln, Peckham, London SE15 4BQ
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