Kenya ETA Application Guide

Your step-by-step guide to the Kenya ETA application

The Kenyan Authorities have recently changed their entry requirements. Previously, you would have been required to apply for an e-visa before arrival. They have now replaced this with an ETA, which still needs to be applied for before you arrive in the country.

We have created an easy, step-by-step guide to help you tackle the task. This process is for Single Entry only.

If you are entering Kenya multiple times, you may need to apply for a Multiple entry visa. Please let us know if you think you require this visa and we can assist you with the application.

Please note, if you are travelling to another country in East Africa and returning to Kenya, you will be able to use your Single Entry ETA to re-enter Kenya.

If you are just transiting in Kenya, arriving and leaving on the same flight ticket and not leaving the airport, you will not be required to apply for an ETA.

Information on the ETA

You will have the choice to apply for an individual visa or a group visa. The below instructions are applicable for a group visa, which is for a family, couple or any group of up to 9 people. If you require the instructions for an individual visa, please let us know.

The cost is $34.09 per person for Standard Processing. 

Kenya Tourist ETA’s are valid for:

– 3 months from the date of issue and allow for a maximum stay in Kenya of 3 months.

– 1 single entry into Kenya unless visiting another East African country (see below).

– travel for 3 months from the time of issue, regardless of the submitted arrival date.

If you are travelling from a Yellow Fever endemic country, you may be required to upload a copy of your Yellow Fever vaccination certificate during application.

The process

Our concierge team will reach out to you around 2 months beforehand, prompting you to begin the ETA application. They will provide you with a copy of your itinerary, however, please ensure you have the rest of the documents noted below.

Don’t stress, you will have time to complete the application. You are unable to apply any earlier than 3 months beforehand and no later than 4 days before you travel. They take around 3 working days to be processed.


Before you start, make sure you have the following documents:

– A photo of yourself – don’t worry if you don’t have an official passport photo, you simply need a clear image of yourself against a plain background.

– A copy of the Bio-Data page of your passport.

– A copy of your international flight tickets.

– A copy of your itinerary.

Please make sure you save the photos as small JPEG files, as they will only accept images maximum size of 293KB.

Right, now it’s time to begin…

Note: it’s worth saving the application as you go to avoid losing any information.

1. Head here – you should be directed to the official Kenya website. Please note: there is only one official website.

2. Click on the red tab – Apply now.

3. Click Continue.

4. Read the Declaration of Consent, select ‘I have read and agreed to the above’. Click Continue.

5. Select Individual Application.

6. Select your Country of Residence. Click Continue.

7. Upload the photo of your Passport Bio-Data page. The system will automatically extract your full name, passport number, date of birth and passport expiring date from this image. Confirm that this information is correct, selecting the tick box to confirm this. Click Continue.

8. Upload your passport-style photograph or take a photograph using your webcam. Click Continue.

9. Input your phone number, email address, residential address, occupation & emergency contact details. Click Continue.

10. Select Tourism for PRIMARY PURPOSE OF VISIT. Input your arrival details, departure details & addresses in Kenya. Click Continue.
NB: the system will automatically generate relevant flight numbers and addresses for your selection. If arriving through a land border, please select Land Border in the Select Airline section.


11. Input your country of birth, nationality at birth & marital status. Answer the personal questions. Click Continue

12. Answer the relevant questions. Click Continue

13. Answer the relevant questions. Click Continue

14. Answer the relevant questions. Click Continue
NB: as per our bookings terms & conditions, travellers are required to take out travel insurance that covers medical expenses, personal baggage and money loss, and travel curtailment.

15. Upload the copy of your safari itinerary from that we have sent to you. Please also upload the copy of your flight booking confirmation. Click Continue

16. Select the appropriate tick box. Click Continue
NB: you are able to apply for an ETA on behalf of others. If this is the case, you will be asked to submit your name, phone number and email address at this stage.

17. Select Standard Processing at a cost of USD 32.50. The total amount due will appear on the bottom of the screen USD 34.09 (USD 32.50 ETA Standard
Processing plus USD 1.59 Bank Fees). Click Complete.
NB: based on your travel date, a Premium Service may appear to enable faster processing of the ETA. This will be at a higher cost than Standard Processing.

18. A payment portal will appear, input your credit card, debit card, Apple Pay or Google Pay details. Approve Payment.

19. Your application details will appear on a successful submission summary page. This will include a link to be used to check your application status – please copy and save this link.

That’s it!

You will receive a confirmation email from [email protected] to the email address used in the application including your application reference number and a payment receipt.

Please use the link provided in your confirmation to check the progress of your ETA. It should take a few days to process.

Upon approval, you will receive an email confirmation with your ETA. Download your ETA as a PDF. Feel free to send it to the concierge team, to have them pop it into your app!

ETA Customer Care: +254 759 411 327 or [email protected]