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Iceland Road Trip

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Iceland Road Trip

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The world's most northerly capital city - Reykjavík may be cold and snowy but it has a wonderfully warm heart - ready to welcome you and show you the very best Nordic vibes. It's also the perfect place to begin your Icelandic adventure into the land of fire & ice, ready to explore the smorgasbord of adventures this incredible country has to offer!

Select Accommodation
ION City
from £197 p/p

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Alda Hotel
from £85 p/p

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Exeter Hotel
from £158 p/p

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Sand Hotel
from £117 p/p

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The Edition Reykjavík
from £587 p/p

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Add Experiences
Reykjavik Food Walk
from £126 p/p
Golden Circle Classic Day Trip from Reykjavik
from £76 p/p
Whale Watching
from £95 p/p
City Walking Tour
from £50 p/p
Golden Circle & Glacier Snowmobiling Day Trip
from £254 p/p
Golden Circle Afternoon and Northern Lights Tour
from £214 p/p
Evening Northern Lights Tour
from £105 p/p
Inside the Volcano Tour
from £354 p/p
Ride an Icelandic pony
from £153 p/p
Visit to Wonders of Iceland Exhibition
from £36 p/p

Golden Circle

The Golden Circle is a 300km route to the three most popular natural attractions in Iceland: the Geysir Geothermal Area, Gullfoss Waterfall and Þingvellir National Park, the best examples of Iceland's fascinating geological forces, magnificent landscapes and rich culture.

Select Accommodation
ION Adventure
from £201 p/p

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from £209 p/p

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Add Experiences
Glacier Hike
from £1,533 p/p
Ölfus Horseback Ride
from £97 p/p
Snorkelling Between Tectonic Plates
from £150 p/p
Snowmobile Adventure
from £562 p/p
Northern Lights
from £1,018 p/p
Inside The Volcano
from £332 p/p
Geothermal Bakery
from £19 p/p
Self Drive the Golden Circle
from £0 p/p

South Coast

Wild and rugged - Iceland's epic south coast hosts plane wrecks, ice covered black beaches and is the perfect gateway to the Vestmannaeyjar Islands

Select Accommodation
UMI Hotel
from £141 p/p

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Hotel Rangá
from £233 p/p

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Hótel Vík
from £103 p/p

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from £214 p/p

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Add Experiences
Kayaking by the Glacier
from £126 p/p
Glacier Edge Helicopter Tour
from £1,520 p/p
Rye Bread tour
from £19 p/p
Paddle Board Tour
from £61 p/p
Black Beach ATV Adventure
from £203 p/p
Waterfalls, Glacier & Lava Show
from £197 p/p
Horseback Ride
from £100 p/p
from £162 p/p
Private Golden Circle Day Trip from South Coast
from £684 p/p
Superjeep Tour To Thórsmörk
from £724 p/p
Private Glacier Hike
from £804 p/p
Ice-Cave Tour
from £401 p/p
Self drive to Jökulsarlón Glacier Lagoon
from £0 p/p

Blue Lagoon

Located on the Reykjanes Peninsula in southwest Iceland, this otherworldly lagoon is known worldwide for its milky blue waters and rich skin nourishment. Think silica mud and algae masks enjoyed in breathtaking, rugged surroundings.

Select Accommodation
Silica Hotel
from £286 p/p

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Retreat Hotel at The Blue Lagoon
from £774 p/p

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Add Experiences
Dinner at Moss Restaurant
from £284 p/p
Dinner at Lava Restaurant
from £101 p/p

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What is included

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