Embrace Ancient Traditions in Japan

Enjoy the contrast of ancient and modern as you explore Japan with Nemo. Expect an awesome culinary scene, a vibrant metropolis and plenty to explore in Tokyo, discover the traditional hot springs and enjoy breathtaking views of Mount Fuji in Hakone, and slow down in the beautiful temples and timeless traditions of Kyoto. It’s the perfect itinerary to get you acquainted with one of the world’s most fascinating countries. 

Trip Highlights
Ancient experiences in Kyoto
Incredible culinary scene
Traditional Ryokan in Hakone
Weird and Wonderful Tokyo
When To Go
All Year
Ideal Length
The basic trip around a week, but if you are adding extra stops up to two weeks.

Ready to be inspired?

There are plenty of activities to enjoy in Japan. Drink tea with a geisha, watch a sumo wrestling match or explore the weird and wonderful side of neon-lit Tokyo. The options are endless, so if we’ve missed one, don’t worry - get in touch with a travel nerd and we’ll find it for you. 

"If you're a self-proclaimed 'foodie' then look no further, Japan's culinary scene will blow you away. What I loved most were the hole-in-the-wall vendors, packed with businessmen loudly slurping on their Ramen. Oh and the Octopus Balls in Osaka, and the Sushi at the fish market, and the Kaiseki cuisine, and the....I'll stop. I could go on and on."

James Wales, Nemo Co-Founder



Use a guide to make the most of your time
One of the best food scenes in the World
Wander the foothills of Mt Fuji
Hakone National Park
Top tip: leave time to explore independently! Book a few day trips, but Japan is an amazing place to discover on your own.
Learn what it means to be a Geisha
Gion, Kyoto
The history of Japan is embedded in its temples
Golden Temple, Kyoto
Enjoy traditional experiences in Kyoto
Tea Ceremony
Weather watch: the crowds and prices are at their peak during the cherry blossom season in April, but our favourite time to beat the crowds is Late May and October.
A few more tips...




  • Look up! Some of the best bars and restaurants are on the higher floors of tower blocks.

  • Leave time to explore independently and get lost in the city.

  • Eat, eat and eat! We can get you in at some of the best restaurants if you book in advance.




  • Visit the Hakone Open-Air Museum for incredible sculptures and Picasso pieces.

  • Try the onsen (hot springs) the area is famous for.

  • Stay in a ryokan for a taste of traditional Japanese hospitality. 




  • Take time with a local guide to learn about the history of the city. 

  • Try one of Nemo’s traditional experiences.

  • Take a day trip to Osaka to try Japan’s best street food.

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