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A Slice of Sicily and Salina

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The city of Syracuse certainly captures Sicilian beauty at its finest, with its citrus orchards, Ancient Greek ruins and Medieval streets winding their way to the sea. There's plenty of modern amenities on offer too, with excellent shopping and dining options scattered across Syracuse.

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Full to the brim with churches, attractive alleyways, and (of course), bars and cafes, Agrigento's old town is well worth a visit. It also provides a great base for those seeking to visit the Valley of the Temples and explore beaches further west along the coast.

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Situated off the western coast of Sicily, Favignana is a relaxed island boasting azure sea, small beaches and a relaxed atmosphere.

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'The Eternal City' is home to many incredible big-name attractions and plenty of hidden gems. We are very careful with our hotel choices here, ensuring you are tucked away from the crowds where possible and catering for all tastes. Rome is a city that needs a guide for at least half a day and we can get you great access. Flights and trains connect the city very well to the world.

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A beautiful historical town in the unspoiled and sun-drenched corner of southeastern Sicily, Italy. Full of elegant charms and character, Noto offers baroque architecture, amazing culture and a delightful culinary scene.

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While it is among the smallest of the Aeolian offshore islands, it offers beautiful boutique stays, crystal clear waters and a buzzing nightlife scene. In the summer months, luxury yachts fill the harbour and flocks of tourists wander around the exclusive Italian island.

A Slice of Sicily and Salina

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Mount Etna is the largest active volcano in Italy, and the tallest Volcano in Europe, making for a great hiking trail.

Select Accommodation
Monaci delle Terre Nere
from £180 p/p

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Donna Carmela
from £200 p/p

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Zash Country Boutique Hotel
from £100 p/p

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Add Experiences
Private Tour of Etna
from £208 p/p
Wine Tour
from £44 p/p
Bike Tour
from £57 p/p
Trek Mount Etna
from £35 p/p
Winery visit & Tasting
from £148 p/p


Located on the east coast of Sicily, and perched on the side of a mountain, Taormina is a popular holiday destination, with a stunning ancient theatre and breathtaking vistas.

Select Accommodation
Hotel Villa Carlotta
from £130 p/p

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Belmond Villa Sant'Andrea
from £360 p/p

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Hotel Metropole Taormina
from £210 p/p

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Add Experiences
Traditional Sicilian Cooking Class
from £43 p/p
Etna and Alcantara Tour
from £64 p/p
Valley of Temples and Villa Romana
from £27 p/p
Visit Aeolian Islands
from £40 p/p


The second largest of the the Aeolian islands, Salina offers three towns, pebble beaches, stone streets and glorious Italian countryside.

Select Accommodation
Hotel Principe di Salina
from £0 p/p

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Capofaro Locanda & Malvasia
from £150 p/p

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Hotel Revesi
from £120 p/p

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Hotel Signum
from £160 p/p

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Add Experiences
Private Boat Trip
from £104 p/p
Hiking on Salina
from £50 p/p

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